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It all started when…

Post production was really slow. Photoshop and Photoshop actions were the standard tools. Lightroom was in its infancy but it showed promise.

Enter our brand new groundbreaking post production tools for photographers. Our experience at the forefront of building presets since 2010 and our work with VSCO at the beginning has poised us for this moment. We’ve built maybe the best presets in the world.

We are committed to helping discerning photographers find the right tools for their job. Essentially becoming the beacon for those lost in the sea of second-tier photo tools. We’ve built these on custom profiles to work with hundreds of different cameras. Consistency is real here. Want more? Our presets auto detect your camera and color temperature and apply one of the two profiles we have built for every camera.

At our core, we want to guide photographers to easier and better post production. These tools have become indispensable to us, and we’re happy to be sharing them with you.