AFFOB Bundle

AFFOB Bundle

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The AFFOB Presets Bundle.

All three packs in one.


One -Hit Wonders - Pack 01

Keep it simple with the Classics, One-hit wonders.

Included is one BW and one Color preset with variants for contrast and fade. A PDF install guide is included.

This is the pack for the minimalists.

Grit City - Pack 02

Inspired by the Great Pacific Northwest and named after our hometown. Grit City is one of the nicknames for Tacoma, a mid-sized, hard working, blue collar port city, located at the seat of the Puget Sound. The Pacific Northwest and Tacoma in particular is a dark, gritty, and beautiful place. We wanted to make something that reflected that feeling. Grit City is loaded with 8 color presets and 5 BW. They are grain heavy, have a lot of color shifts, and rolling contrast - soft and strong at the same time.

All new premium LR only presets

Included are 13 new looks. 8 color and 5 BW. 

Tool kit with grain, saturation, and curve variants.

Info and install PDF's.

The Nation - Pack 03

Inspired by the Olympic National Park - Our favorite place in the world. 

We wanted to make something that reflected how it feels to step foot in one of the lushest places on the planet. The Nation is loaded with 3 color presets and 3 BW. These presets are cleaner and have more pop than our previous offerings. Our colors still have a lot of shifts, and rolling contrast punch.

Info and install PDF's.

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